some like it hot!

Why be cold when at press of a button you can turn the temperature up, introducing the Venture Heat Pro 40.

Once you don the low profile vest for the first time you'll never dive without it.

Rated to 100m
The Venture Heat Pro 40 is designed to get wet or stay dry. Perfect for recreational or technical diving. The whole system is fully submersible with 100M waterproof rating. Don’t deprive yourself of higher performance and warmth! Our undersuits are equipped to offer you the most comfortable underwater experience.
40 watts of front and rear heat 
Most divers say full power is just too hot, I say lets go to Antarctica, Keeps you warm and comfortable with two 40W Heating Zones one front heating panel and one rear heating panel.

Wireless Power Controller 
Includes a rechargeable wireless wristwatch controller .This easy-to-reach wired controller is attached comfortably on the vest's left sleeve, making it accessible for professional and all under-water activities. The wired remote features red indicator lights that informs both heating levels and battery life. Plus the vest incorporates the Haptic receiver and vibrates on conformation of each setting change. 

Over 5 hours runtime
Operates between three heat settings; 2.5 hours (High), 3 hours (Med), and approx 5 hours (Low).

Machine Washable
  1. To prevent seawater oxidization of the connector (shortens product life,) cover all battery connectors with the protective cap.

  2. After each use, Clean your equipment (including the battery, garment, and remote) with freshwater and air dry immediately 

  3. You may choose to wash the undersuit using protective caps and placing the garment inside the Laundry Bag



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Over the years, Venture Heat has pioneered much of the Wearable Heating Technology that is now seen as industry standard. It is our goal to continue to be the most trusted brand in the business. We design everything we make from the ground up, and that means zero compromises in quality and safety.

since 2003 now in Australia

We operate with a simple philosophy: to create responsibly made products that are unrivalled in price, quality, and workmanship. That's why we design everything we make and never stop innovating. Our customers know and trust us to provide products that will allow pain-free, comfortable, and enriched lifestyles.

We will continue to keep your adventures going.

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